Welcome to the 19th CICE, this guide will help you to more clearly understand the exhibition process, so you can better make your exhibition plan:

Step One: Application

Exhibitors can register online. If there is any difficulties, you can also download the "Application Form". After fill in and fax it to the Organizing Committee Office (0086-532-82995779) or committee authorized agency.

Step Two: Confirmation

Organizing Committee office or authorized agency will verify the exhibitor qualifications after receiving the online registration or the "Application Form" and inform the results to the applicants within 5 days.

Step Three: Division

For these approved enterprises, Organizing Committee office or authorized agency will confirm the booth location and return registration form according to exhibition planning, application size and registration order, etc.

Step Four: Signing the Contract and Remittance

For the enterprises with 36 square meters or more exhibition area, the organizing committee office or authorized agency will separately sign a participation contract. Exhibitors should remit money in accordance with contract requirements and fax the remittances to the organizing committee office.

Step Five: Submitting the Catalogue Materials

Exhibitors submit the catalogue materials online

Step Six: Mailing Exhibition Manual

Organizing Committee provide "Exhibitor Manual" to exhibitors, Exhibitors handle the relevant procedures according to "Exhibitor Manual".