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Notes: The cost of the material and installation is not included.

CodeAdvertisement ItemsSize (Width*height,m)QuantitiesPrice(RMB)Material
Hall 1
SG08008Entrance hall of Hall 1, Jumbo21.9×9285000/pieceFiber
SG08009Entrance hall of Hall 1, Jumbo...8×9430000/pieceFiber
SG08016Escalator in the northeast cor...3.7×6125000Fiber
SG08017East side of the east entrance...2.5×61030000/pieceFiber
SG08025South part of the west wall, H...13.5×3.9125000Fiber
SG08026Middle part of the west wall, ...6×3.9112000Fiber
SG08030North part of the west wall, H...14.6×3.9125000Fiber
SG08031North wall of the Hall 1, Hang...8×3.3115000Fiber
SG08067East entrance hall to the Hall...20×22200/minLED Screen Wall
Hall 2
SG08069South part of the west wall li...8.9×3.8228000/pieceLight box cloth
SG08073Middle part of the west wall l...12.9×3.8220000/pieceLight box cloth
SG08075North part of the west wall li...8.9×3.8220000/pieceLight box cloth
SG08077North wall of the Hall 2, Jumb...58×4.35188000/pieceLight box cloth
SG08087South wall of the Hall 2, Hang...8×5.85524000/pieceLight box cloth
Corridor connected Hall 2 and Hall 4
SG08156west wall of the corridor conn...12×5150000Fiber
SG08157East wall of the corridor conn...12×3130000Fiber
SG08158South and North wall of the co...3×4.51020000/wallFiber
SG08160corridor connected Hall 2 and ...6×3930000/9 piecesFiber
Hall 4
SG08101South wall near the escalator,...30×5235000/pieceFiber
SG08104Southeast wall near the escala...15×5328000/pieceFiber
SG08107North wall near the escalator,...10.5×5.5132000Fiber
SG08108North wall near the escalator,...12×5312000/pieceFiber
SG08115Upper the entrance to Hall 4, ...15×2230000/pieceFiber
SG08137Inside the Hall 4, Hanging fla...1.5×31880/㎡Fiber or light box cloth
Hall 6 (Crystal Hall)
SG08164East wall of the Crystal Hall,...8×62100/minLed Screen wall
SG08166Crystal Hall, Cubic pillar1.2×4.65610000/setsFiber
SG08168Inside the Crystal Hall doorwa...7.15×0.75910000/pieceFiber or Oxford Cloth
SG08177South hallway of the Crystal h...1.5×4.651360000/13 piecesFiber
SG08180Glass-macle sheet guard of Sou...40×1.4 40×0.9145000Fiber or Oxford Cloth
SG08189Wall of the Hall 5, Jumbo6.8×12 8.9×12670000/pieceFiber or light box cloth
SG08201East, south and west square, O...10×5660000/pieceThickened light box cloth
SG08207Southpart office area, Jumbo16×4 9×4 8×8180000/pieceThickened light box cloth
SG08211East, south and west square,Ba...0.9×12
2000/pieceHelium balloon
SG08212Exhibition Square, Moveable st...1.5×3
1000/pieceLight box cloth

CodeAdvertisement ItemsSize (Width*height,m)QuantitiesPrice(RMB)Material

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