How to Register as a Professional Visitor?

1. Website/WeChat Pre-registration for Professional Visitors

To pre-register as a professional visitor, please visit the official website of CICE or follow the official account of CICE "China International Consumer Electronics Expo" in advance and submit relevant information online. After successful registration, the system will automatically reply the e-ticket link to the registered cell phone number, click the link in the SMS to open the website to receive the e-ticket QR code (Note: the deadline for registration on the website is November 8). Pre-registered professional visitors can directly print out their visitor badge during the show at the designated fast track in the "Visitor Registration Hall" of Hall 1 with the QR code shown after successful registration, and get free admission.

2. On-site Registration for Professional Visitors  

Professional visitors who register on-site can scan the QR code of the CICE official account on-site during the exhibition and print the visitor badge at the self-service badge machine, or exchange the visitor badge at the manual badge acceptance counter with their business cards and fill in the Visitor Registration Form.

3. Group Visitors

Group visitors (20 or more) can download the CICE Group Visitor Registration Form from the download center of the official website (http://www.cice-expo.com/aboutdl.aspx) before November 3 for pre-registration. After completing the registration form, please send the registration information to liuxin@cice-expo.com, and contact the organizing committee for confirmation. After the confirmation is correct, please go to the "Group Visitor" window at the Visitor Registration Office in Hall 1 of Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 10 to 12 to get the documents for admission. Phone number of the organizing committee: 0532-82995552.

4. Requirements for attendees

    (1) All badges can only be used during CICE exhibition period.

    (2) Please enter the hall by the security gate after the security inspection. Anyone rejects the security inspection would be forbidden to enter the hall. Please do not bring anything flammable or explosive into the hall.

    (3) No person improperly dressed would be permitted. No pet is allowed.

    (4) Please take care of personal belongings.

    (5) Please bring your badge when entering and leaving the exhibition hall and obey the management of the staff on-site.

Important note on Real Name Registration:

According to the requirements of provincial and municipal epidemic prevention departments, the exhibition must strictly implement the necessary epidemic prevention measures. In order to ensure a safe, orderly and efficient exhibition exchange platform, we have made some adjustments and improvements to the "pre-registration system" of this exhibition.

(1) Online real name registration: Please fill in your real name and corresponding ID number during the registration process.
(2) Please observe the epidemic prevention and control regulations, show the electronic health code and wear a mask properly to enter.

5. Visiting Time

      May 17-19, 2023

      9:00-17:00 (Thursday)   May. 17, 2023

      9:00-17:00 (Friday)   May. 18, 2023

      9:00-17:00 (Saturday)   May. 19, 2023


Organizing Committee reserves the rights of final explanation of the above contents and terms.