How to Register as a Visitor?

1. On-line Registration

Professional visitors may log on CICE s Official website www.sinoces.com or pay close attention to CICE's official  public identification CICE-EXPO'  to submit personal information and companys information in advance. The ID number will be given after the successful registration (The deadline for online registration is Jul. 17). Professional audience can print or record the ID number and please properly keep, during the exhibition in the 1 hall, "registration hall" designated fast channel with ID number directly print visiting certification.

2. Professional attendees who login on-site

Professional visitors who login on-site please scan CICE's official  public identification to register a two-dimensional code, print visiting cards by self-service card machine, can also rely on their own business cards or registration forms filled on-site to exchange for the visiting card for admission in artificial filing office.

3. Requirements for attendees

    (1). All badges can only be used during CICE exhibition period.

    (2). Please enter the hall by the security gate after the security inspection. Anyone rejected the security inspection would be forbidden to enter the hall. Please do not bring anything flammable or explosive into the hall.

    (3). No person under age16 or improperly dressed would be permitted. No pet is allowed.

    (4). Please take care of your own belongings.

    (5). Please bring your badge when entering and leaving the exhibition hall and obey the management of the staff on-site.

4. Badge Application Time

      9:30a.m.-16:00p.m.    Jul. 19th, 2019

      9:00a.m.-16:00p.m.    Jul. 20th, 2019

      9:00a.m.-16:00p.m.    Jul. 21st, 2019

      9:00a.m.-14:00p.m.    Jul. 22nd, 2019

5. On-site Registration Hall

Hall #1, Qingdao International Convention Center (QICC)

Organizing Committee reserves the rights of final explanation of above contents and terms.