Sailing again, 2018SINOCES will be officially launched in July


       Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce of Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the People's Governmentof Shandong Province, China International Consumer Electronics Show (SINOCES)will be held in Qingdao International Convention and Exhibition Center fromJuly 20th to 23rd. Approved by the State Council, SINOCES is the onlyinternational professional expo in consumer electronics. It started in 2001 andis held in Qingdao every year. It has been held for sixteen times so far andhas become China's most influential consumer electronics show.

       At present, Shandong Province isimplementing new and old kinetic energy conversion projects. The core is topromote the development of new technologies, new industries, and new types ofbusiness and new models development so as to make industrial intelligence,smart industrialization, industrial integration, and brand high-end in fullplay. SINOCES will be based on the four new trends of new technologies, newindustries, new types of business and new models, and promote innovated,sustainable and advanced development in all fields.

Aggregatingnew technologies and cultivating innovative kinetic energy

       The development of the consumer electronicsindustry has been transformed from cost-driven and scale-driven to technologyinnovation. The smart industry with high technology as the core has become the“power industry” for the economic development of the country and the city.Since the SINOCES been held, it has been committed to aggregating all kinds ofhigh-tech, driving industrial innovation and upgrading.

       In order to fullydemonstrate the achievements of smart technology and accelerate the conversionof old and new kinetic energy, SINOCES sets up various innovative exhibitionareas each year. Hundreds of well-known consumer electronics companiesincluding Haier, JD.com, Amazon.com, and Hisense will bring the latest consumerelectronics products and solutions to the exhibition. Drive hardware productsintegrated with cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, bigdata, VR/AR/MR, smart home, and Internet of Things, and the introduction andintegration of various new and high technologies to provide strong power forthe development of the consumer electronics industry.

Introducingnew industries to stimulate innovation

       The "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan"clearly points out that the development of strategic emerging industries shouldbe a top priority and promote the transformation and upgrading of industrialstructure. The next decade will be a decade in which strategic emergingindustries will flourish. It is expected that by 2020, strategic emergingindustries will account for more than 20% of industrial added value.

       SINOCES actively responds to the call ofthe country. In recent years, it has continuously introduced strategic emergingindustries, such as intelligent robots, intelligent security, and e-sports,etc. It has been inspiring innovations in global consumer electronics companiesand promoting the rapid marketization of innovative products and technologiesby increasing the in-depth influence of industrial chains and active guidancefor industrial changes.

Opena new model to enhance the exhibition experience

       For the exhibition, the products aretangible and the service is intangible. The exhibition experience is the placewhere the audience is most impressed and reflects the value of the exhibition.Recently, the experience economy has developed rapidly, SINOCES has transformedfrom exhibits display to multidimensional experience firstly.

        2018 SINOCES will bring togetherworld-renowned consumer electronics companies, multinational purchasers,industry experts, and investment and financing partners to further strengthen the“interactivity” with the audience and achieve an effective transition fromviewing the exhibition to experiencing the exhibition which make innovationtechnology more affable. At the same time, through the integration ofindustrial resources, we will focus on presenting the most innovative consumerelectronics products and smart life solutions in the new era to accelerate themarket penetration and application of smart products.

Incubatingnew types of business and promoting transformation and upgrading

        The development of science and technologyis reconstructing the business forms of all walks of life. Under the wave ofsmart manufacturing, new batches of development types have emerged in variousfields of consumer electronics.

       SINCOES keeps pace with the times, bringsforth innovated operation, and builds a fast, accurate and economicalinformation exchange and resource matching ecological link platform based onthe Internet and mobile internet technology. It seamlessly connects the needsof all parties in the upstream and downstream industry chain, helping sharedeconomy, industrial internet, new retail, and community e-commerce enter theChinese market.

       With the vigorous development of China'sconsumer electronics industry, many participating companies have also grown upwith SINOCES. To date, SINOCES has exhibited an area of more than 500,000square meters, and there are tens of thousands of high quality exhibitors andbuyers have participated. Haier, Hisense, Jingdong, ZTE, Samsung and othercompanies that are familiar to the current, because of the forward-lookinglayout, the brand is also developing fast. 2018 SINOCES will continue tomaintain a consistent professional perspective and excellent quality. At thesame time, it will fully rely on the industry policies and the association'sbackground to create a professional, leading and participation industryintegration exchange for the participating companies and visitors.