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China International Consumer Electronics Leader Innovation Award

"Creating the future and enjoying life" -- Leader Award to lead the forefront of the development of China's consumer electronics industry

The Leader Innovation Award of China International Consumer Electronics Expositionis a professional and authoritative evaluation activity jointly guided by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry and InformationTechnology, and Ministry of Science and Technology, and co-organized by the China Chamber of Commerce for the Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic Products, China Institute of Electronics, and the Organizing Committee of CICE, under the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness.

According to statistics, more than 100 companies participate in the event every year, covering all areas of consumer electronics, and focusing on the forefront of the industry's innovative technologies and businesses. During the event, participating companies can not only fight for the Innovation Leader Award, and can interact closely with leading companies and find opportunities for cooperation.

After years of innovative practice, Leader Innovation Award has become a leading annual event in the consumer electronics industry. Leader Innovation Award has wide coverage, strong pertinence and high level of professionalism, representing the highest R&D level and the latest technology trend of new consumer electronics products of the year, and has become the key force to promote the innovative development of the industry.

"China International Consumer Electronics Leader Innovation Awards"

1. Activity Background:

At present, the mobile Internet becomes the trends of global consumer electronics industry. The innovation has become an increasingly important force in global enterprises responding to market changes and sustainable development.

Therefore, with the joint guide of Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Information Industry, CCCME China, Chinese electronics and SINOCES Organizing Committee will hold the Fifth "China International Consumer Electronics Leader Innovation Awards" which will build a platform for global innovation products and technology and achieve the innovation products marketing with the exhibition resources and influence.

2. The Enterprise Value:

2.1 Display their innovative products and technologies

The Organizers will hold the "Leader Innovation Award" awards ceremony on MAY. 2018 and announce the finalists and winners, and award medals and related certificates to commend the enterprises for obtaining outstanding achievements in technological innovation. At the same time, the exhibition will devote to open an area to display new products.

2.2 Display Enterprise Brand Image

This activity is strongly supported by the relevant government and business associations. The organizers of this event will vigorously promote the event and award-winning products and enterprises. Then television, the video site, cooperative media, new media, which will be centrally report it, which can deeply highlight the characters of innovation products and help enterprises to promote the brand image and its innovative products.

2.3 Accelerate innovation products marketing process

"Leader Innovation Award" provides the best showcase opportunity for the global innovative products and technologies. Meanwhile, it provides a trade, investment and financing platf orm for enterprises and buyers to promote the rapid market cycles and incubation of innovative products.

2.4 Insight Industry Trends

"Leader Innovation Awards" will gather the world's most innovative products and market forces. Through the study of leading products and technology analysis, companies can more f ully understand the status of development of the industry, grasp the latest market needs and insight into future trends.

3. Activity Introduction:

China International Consumer Electronics Leader Innovation Award

Note: English "Leader" means leader, benchmarking, etc., "Leader Innovation Award" aims to award the most innovative in the field of consumer electronics products and spirit, show representative firm subversive creativity and fully play as the Chinese consumer Electronics industry leader role.

3.1 Review Team:

"Leader Innovation Award" Review Team is composed by CCCME China, Chinese Institute of Electronics, China Industrial Design Association, the world's leading consumer electronics and related media industry association.

3.2 Judging Criteria:

The committee will do the open, fair and strict selection by reviewing the level of product design scientific, innovative degree of innovation, technology, market value realization, energy saving and environmental protection, human relations, and comprehensive professional audience vote and in accordance with international standards.

3.3 Prizes and Awards Product Range:


Name of Award

Number of Awards

Range of Candidates

Professional Awards

Professional Accreditation

Leader Product Innovation Award


All new consumer electronics products

Leader Technology Innovation Award


Leader Industrial Design Award


Leader Trend Design Award


Leader Smart Experience Awards


All intelligent hardware products

Leader Application Innovation Award


Media Review Award

Media Review

Leader The Most Innovative Potential Award


All new consumer electronics products

Leader Fashion Innovation Award


People Review Award

People Review

Top Ten Products Award


All new consumer electronics products

List of winners of the 6th product

List of winners of the 5th product

List of winners of the 4th product

List of winners of the 3th product

List of winners of the 2th product

List of winners of the 1th product

Enterprise Products Declaration:

2019 SINOCES Leader Innovation Awards Selection Requirements

Declaration Requirements

1.Voluntary application. The declaration products are not having to declare the name of the award, only to declare the products. Please fill in the product performance characteristics in the product characteristics. Please be focused on describing the product innovation and advantages in their design, technology, performance and other aspects, with supporting materials.

2.For the Professional Accreditation Awards, each enterprise is limited two products.

3.For the Public Accreditation Awards, each enterprise is limited one product.

Declaration Basic Requirements

1.The declaration products should be in line with the National standards, and pass through 3C certification or equivalent certification. Product performance reports are required during the declaration ( Inspection reports are required from certified laboratories by CNAS), 3C certification and copies of relevant certificates.

2.The declaration products should not be suspected infringement.

Declaration Way

1.Exhibitors should be voluntary application.

2.The enterprises that apply the Professional Accreditation Awards, please fill out the application form (See Attachment), and provide test reports, 3C certificates and other evidence. Please mailed these materials to the SINOCES Organizing Committee Office before June 15, 2019. Professional accreditation awards declared products should be exhibit samples at the exhibition site in case of on-site audit.

3.The application materials required to mail the original documents and also provide an electronic version.

Mailing address: No.1, Fuzhou North Road, South District, Qingdao (Zip code 266000)

E-mailleader@sinoces.com(Mr. Wang Tel: 0532-85852331)

4. The enterprises that apply the Public Accreditation Awards, please mail the registration form to the specified mailbox (leader@sinoces.com) before June 15, 2019 and self-register in the specify website (wwww.sinoces.com) and upload works and related information.

5. Product certificates or test reports can be used to scan copy or electronic parts, but should be stamped.

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